The Grand Hotel Malher is an affordable family designer hotel in the very heart of the Marais district in Paris.

We are very close to St. Paul and the Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, in the centre of the Marais district, famed for the wealth of its heritage and culture.

The Marais is a fascinating district that mingles a variety of music and atmospheres. The Marais of Paris is surely one of the most particular districts of the capital and it is one of a kind.

History of the Marais district

First of all, the setting: in the very heart of Paris, the Marais is one of the oldest districts in town, where old buildings that survived the great works by Haussmann mingle with charming small narrow streets.
The Jewish district spreads out around the Rue des Rosiers, where falafel vendors (falafel is excellent, but you’ll have to wait a little) mingle with caterers and shops.
Only a few metres away, the gay district of Paris begins. It is ideal to walk around the shops that are up on the latest fashions, to visit the trendiest cafés or else to get a haircut against a background of lively techno music.
Closer to the Place de la République, you will find a Chinese district.
On clear days, you will find many Parisians in the Place des Vosges, where they’ll be enjoying the sunshine, sprawled on the grass.

Our hotel is ideally located in the Marais de Paris

At the western tip, on the Île de la Cité, you cannot miss the tall Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is worth a visit. If you walk up the Rue de la Cité northwards, you will arrive in the Place du Marché aux Fleurs. This market is nearly 200 years old and offers various plants, traditional and exotic. Walk along the Seine eastwards and you will see the Place du Châtelet, its fountain and its famous theaters.
If you walk northwards on the Boulevard Sebastopol, on your right, you shall see the high Tour Saint-Jacques. It used to belong to a big church built at the beginning of the fifteenth century and is the last tower of this church that is still standing, alone in the middle of its park.
Finally, if you walk farther northwards, towards the Place de la République, you will find the famous Centre Beaubourg, a huge and very modern building dedicated to modern art. We advise you to visit the panoramic restaurant and to admire a view over a whole part of the town from the terrace.
As regards culture, the Marais is full of museums and of institutions, including the Museum Carnavalet, which tells the history of Paris, or else the Museum Picasso.
The Marais surprises people with its digest of varied atmospheres. In spite of its relatively small size, you will need two hours to walk around the district for a superficial overview and three days for a complete visit.